Dear Shep. Nehemiah,
I see your life of faith through serving God's flock and many wandering souls on campus and your powerful messages on every Sunday. I am so strengthened by your faithful and wholehearted devotion to obey the word of God. I continue to pray for you and the work of God in GwangJoo.UBF.
I am personally sorry for forgetting your request for my prayer topics and family pictures. I suddenly remember your email and that you wanted me to send prayer topics and pictures; however, I don't know it is right or not. But I send you something to know.

We have 12 members so far.
Ruth and Samuel, Benelly and Pablo Alvarez, Ryan and Jing Liebert, Caleb and Sarah Choi(Yul-Jun chapter), Mary Kim, Christine Butcher, DeMonique Ballou, and MyungJin Lee.(Yul-Jun chapter-PhD)
Our prayer topics 1) each shep. to have three one to one this year. 2) Thursday campus meeting to be students-centered meeting.(William, Sophi, Alice, Michael join so far) 3) Sunday worship-message by M. Samuel and P. David Baik. 4) M. Samuel to have life- giving message.
* we focus on fishing and one to one bible studies this year though it is hard.
Pray for our Columbia ministry to have one God's call shepherd for wandering students on Columbia campus.

in Love of Christ