Dear Shep. Nehemiah,
I miss you. I keep on praying for you and GwangJu ministry, for you are very important to me for the work of the gospel here.
So far, I have offered myself as a gospel laborer to serve even one soul to be rooted in Jesus Christ. I believe God is working with his living word among young souls like Benelly with her husband Pablo and Christine.
We have 10 servants(Benelly and Pablo Alvarez, Sarah and Caleb Choi from Yul-Zun, Ryan and Jing Liebert from LA, Mary Kim, Christine Butcher and our family.)
Our prayer topics are each shepherd to feed five students, earnest prayers in the morning like GwangJu, and Group bible study on Thursday to be a spiritual revival.
Pray for me to have life-giving Sunday message and to be a inspiring bible teacher.
I love you.

in Love