2018 annual Key Verse testimony by Joseph Song of North York UBF, CANADA

Jan 1, 2018

Key verse: Mark 11:22 “Have faith in God” Jesus answered

I thank God for enabling me to choose Mark 11:22 as the key verse of 2018 and start off the New Year with the word of God. I have chosen this verse to prepare NCLEX-RN exam and kept it in my mind as I have to retake it again. I was a bit stressed out in the year of 2017 because I failed the exam three times after I finished a nursing program. Most of my colleagues spent 2 months of maximum preparation to get a license, however I am still struggling with that. I pray that I may have new heart and mind to look forward to seeking God’s vision and to learn of faith in God by going through the trouble.

Looking back on the year of 2017, I had chosen the key verse Colossians 3:12b, “clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” I wanted to have inward growth as I found my lacking characters like being compassionate, kind, humble, gentle and patient. Those attributes are absolutely needed when I have confronted many challenges in the service of God. Whatever situation I was put in last year, I reminded of five characters and seek God’s help to be clothed with the Holy Spirit.

For my schoolwork last year, I could not get the consolidation placement at my final semester until the end of January 2017 while all my colleagues started their practice by the beginning of January 2017. I heard that Ryerson nursing school could not provide a clinical placement promptly for a few students every year. I was one of them whose placement was delayed. I felt lost when I needed to wait patiently. By the grace of God I was lately placed at the general medicine at St. Michael’s hospital and I could finish my consolidation on time. I was thankful for gaining intense clinical experiences and learning of various medical situations there. I have learned patience and humility while finishing nursing school successfully.

For campus ministry, I have engaged in bible studies with a couple of students over the years. I need to be clothed with compassion and patience to serve them. There were some change among students in the year 2017. Peter Linder who is working kept a relationship with me and he is struggling to find a way to prepare his career in the future. He says to me that he has little interest of bible study after having online bible study for three years. I could not support him much when I was in my trouble with RN exam. I pray for him to have God’s wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that he may realize God’s intervention in his life. Jonathan Karas who is microbiology 3rdyear student began his coop placement at SickKids hospital. We could not find a time to connect each other last year. Two catholic students stopped bible studies with me. I briefly learned the difference of the doctrine while sharing the word of God with them. I hope that the word of God we studied may be planted in their heart. Nicholas Anisimov who is architectural technology 2ndyear student maintained bible study faithfully last year. He has been enjoying the word of God. I need God’s wisdom to help him to grow as a disciple of Jesus. Even though I met other students who were coming and going, I pray that I may patiently wait for God’s time and faithfully invite students to Sunday worship service and bible studies. I may continually pray for bible students and serve them with compassion and shepherd heart. I sense my passion for the word of God went down as I faced difficulties and challenges over the years. My bible study needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit and regain strength to serve campus ministry. I pray for following the work of the Holy Spirit with the word of God and persistent prayer lives.

For my family lives, I thank God for keeping my family members safe and healthy. As a housing market in Toronto rapidly increases, renting a house is expensive. With the support of my wife, our family could maintain a family finance during my study years. My wife has been working full time atShouldice hospital over 5 years and gained confidence as an operating room nurse. God provided everything we need and nothing was lacked in our mission lives. This year Abraham (9 years old), Augustine (7 years old), Anna (3 years old) have been growing healthy and developing their personalities through school lives. They are getting attentive to study CBF passage every Saturday with me. Their homework and reading require theirparent’s support. I excused to read books regularly with them since I was occupied with my study and my wife was tired after her work. As children are quick at learning visually with technology, I realize that they need tender care with proper supervision and need to learn of self-control to make a balanced school life. I have been learning of kindness and gentleness to approach our children after I faced difficult childrearing.

To sum up the life in 2017, the Lord has disciplined me to learn of five attributes of Jesus which are compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Although I found my selfishness, stubbornness, anger, and impatience, I find hope in Christ who has been molding me to learn of his character and follow him as his disciple. It is my attitude to think about him in every situation. It is my desire to find his will and providence in all circumstances. As I fold the year 2017 and unfold the New Year 2018, I look forward to seeking faith in God, God’s vision and God’s glory upon my family and ministry.

Faith in God gives me an opportunity to depend on God when I am in distress. The world I live in is battled by trials and challenges. I thought what I prepared would be satisfactory as I did during school years, however I was unprepared to have competency for taking a license exam. To get my license, I should pass the NCLEX-RN exam with God’s wisdom. My next exam will be on Feb 14, 2pm. My strategy of the exam is to repeat the question bank intensivelyand recap the core contents until I get a correct answer competently. I pray that I may challenge the exam by faith in God on top of working part time.

God’s vision comes from the word of God. Proverbs 29:18a says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish (KJV).”I believe the word of God gives me hope and vision in the New Year 2018 which reinforces me to study the word of God diligently and memorize the passage day and night. The word of God would transform each individual to find God’s purpose and serve him. As I received his calling with campus ministry, I may serve one to one bible study and discipleship ministry with our precious church coworkers at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC).

God’s glory is our ultimate goal when we live together in community. As the Lord established my house church with God’s blessing and the word of God, we like to support the work of God with one heart and mind in our church community as well. I pray that Jesus may be the center of my house church as well as our church community. I need to advocate Jesus as the Savior and the Lord and submit myself to him with faith and obedience to his word. I pray that Esther and I may share the love of God with others and build up the work of God with prayer along with my children.

Prayer topics

  1. Pass NCLEX-RN exam and get a job

  2. Serve one to one ministries by faith

  3. Raise children with the love of God and God’s wisdom